Intro to the Slot Game, “Crystal Prince”

Players looking for a way to celebrate the holiday season who aren’t into the religious thing or the Coca-Cola man in the red suit will appreciate Quickspin’s effort to provide an alternative. Crystal Prince, a wintry slot themed on Scandinavian legend, is one way that the Swedish producer avoids the tighter range of appeal most Christmas slots find themselves jammed inside. Don’t get swept away by its amiable allure. This cracker has a high potential for imminent explosion. Thankfully, the prospective payoffs aren’t the type of junky plastic trinket that would shatter in three seconds flat.

With each spin, four rows of symbols are randomly placed on a 6×8 grid made up of 48 unique tiles. You will soon discover that the game may be expanded significantly, as seen by the many open slots above the rows. Crystal Prince may not appear to be one of Quickspin’s more complex games at first appearance. The grid is set in an ice cavern, surrounded by snow-covered rock, and there is a lot of empty space around it. The minimalist graphics are complemented with a music that is among the most relaxing you’ll hear, like the sound of snowflakes falling softly to the ground. The combination creates a soothing and ethereal ambiance. In terms of gameplay, Crystal Prince is comparable to other Quickspin slots like Golden Glyph and Ghost Glyph.

You may play Crystal Prince on any device with a minimum bet of only 20 percent and a maximum of 100 dollars or euros every spin. Keep in mind that the relatively high (4/5) volatility may bite like a northerly wind, so don’t allow the soothing background music lull you into a false feeling of security. The risk for unexpectedly large hits is also discussed in the ruling. For the time being, we’ll have to settle for an above-average RTP of 96.04%.

Crystal Prince has 4,096 ways to win by default and looks a bit like a grid slot, but it really pays from left to right. Of course, the more rows there are, the more ways there are to win. There are three distinct kinds of symbols that might appear on the paytable. The minimum wage is represented by four snowflakes, one each color blue, green, yellow, and pink. The middles follow the same color scheme but are shown as diamonds, with the Prince serving as the only high-paying icon. When you have six of a type, you can win anywhere from 0.25x to 0.3x your bet for the lows, 0.5x to 0.8x for the middles, and up to 2x your wager for the princes.

Both regular Wild Frost Wilds and Wild Frost Multiplier Wilds exist. Both may stand in for other regular pay symbols, and the multipliers can increase your winnings by 2x or 3x. If a winning combination includes several multipliers, all of the multipliers are multiplied together. Free games, about which more below, also have frequent occurrences of these.

Featured Slots: The Crystal Prince

Several elements of Crystal Prince are designed to boost the relatively low value of its symbols. Snowfall, the Blizzard Seal, Blizzard Mode, and Free Spins are all on the list. When you win, the snowfall function kicks in and a new row of symbols is added to the grid. As long as fresh winning combinations appear, up to eight further rows will be added. There are 262,144 possible outcomes at this level.

The Blizzard Seal is broken when the grid reaches a height of 8 rows in a row. When this occurs, Blizzard Mode is triggered, and anything from one to three Wild Frost Multiplier Wilds are added to the reels at random.

Winning symbols, as well as wilds, scatters, and high symbols, are preserved in Blizzard Mode, while the rest of the symbols are wiped out and sent tumbling to the bottom of the grid. In the event of a gap, additional symbols will cascade down to fill it, increasing your chances of a win. There will be extra winning combinations for as long as Blizzard Mode is active.

The last significant symbol is a blue snowflake of enormous proportions. Free games of 8, 10, 15, or 20 are awarded when 3, 4, 5, or 6 appear on the screen. A random number of Wild Frost Multiplier Wilds or Wild Frost Wilds will be added to the grid before each free spin. In addition, during the bonus round, two scatters anywhere on the board will offer three more free games.

The last bonus varies by jurisdiction and is known as the bonus purchase option. If 3–6 scatters appear on the following spin, you’ll win 60 times your initial wager. The RTP for this method of gaining access to the bonus is a lofty 96.52 percent.

The Case for or Against the Crystal Prince Slot

Quickspin’s stated goal in developing Crystal Prince was to “create a winter game for everyone, whether you celebrate Christmas or not,” and the game successfully achieves that goal. This is accomplished in part by the aesthetically pleasing visuals, but more so by the fascinating and mood-setting sound design. Music and the chiming on-grid effects are included.

There is a limit to how much a slot may be used for calming sounds. The gaming, which may get fairly thrilling, is the deal’s most important component. Since symbol values are quite modest, the main game action may feel a little flat at times. Blizzard Mode is activated by breaking the Blizzard Seal, which can be accomplished by adding more rows. When the grid is completely covered in high payouts, wilds, and multipliers, Crystal Prince’s true magic may be seen. Quickspin found payouts of 11,630.65 times the stake during simulations, indicating the potential for large jackpots.

Crystal Prince isn’t necessarily Quickspin’s most heartwarming effort at first glance. The win-all-ways setup may feel like a breath of fresh air, but the features may get very warm despite the chilly weather. The Prince’s grotto will get your face moving, and you’ll be glad you skipped Santa’s Lapland.






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